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Your refilled battery will last longer than a new one at a fraction of the cost! Toll Free : 800-983-5008

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Clevo 320SL44 Battery model is over 3 years old and Li-Ion Cells have a maximum 3 year shelf life.   This means you are not getting 100% battery capacity even if it is new and sealed in the box.

There's a quick and simple solution to revive that depleted battery of yours.   Try our laptop battery refill service!   All you have to do is mail your old battery to us with the Pre-Paid-Postage-Label (US customers only) we email to you after you place your order.   We will then mail back the refilled battery that will contain longer running new battery cells.

NOTE: If your battery is completely dead, you may still send it to our facility for refill service.   There is a high possibility (over 95%) that your battery can be repaired & refilled to a new super-capacity battery even if it is completely dead.

If we are unable to refill the battery, we will send you back your battery pack and credit you a full refund, including shipping. (Applicable to this battery model only).So, with nothing to lose, why not try our battery refill service today!!

When the battery is all done, we will send you a 100% tested Genuine Sager Refilled 4400mAh Battery to ensure that it will equal or exceed your original battery's life.   Every battery comes with a 1 Year Warranty!

To order a new battery without an exchange:
If you would rather just purchase another battery with longer running cells, purchase one at our low price and you will be shipped a fresh, new super-capacity battery.

Genuine Clevo
Refilled 4400mAh Battery

Clevo Battery Part Numbers : 
  • 320SL44

  • 322SL

  • 322SL52L

  • 79-3203B-012

  • 87-3228S-451

  • Clevo MobiNote Models : 
  • MobiNote 3220

  • MobiNote 3420

  • MobiNote 3620

  • Clevo Ultimate Traveler Models : 
  • Ult. Traveler 3220

  • Ult. Traveler 3420

  • Ult. Traveler 3620

  • Clevo Models : 
  • 3220

  • 3420

  • 3620

  • Chemistry :  Li-Ion
    Volts :  14.8 Volt
    Manufacture Capacity (mAh) :  3600mAh/3.6Ahr
    After Refill Capacity : 4400mAh/4.4Ahr
    Refill Price : 
    You HAVE to send your battery
    $79 - On Sale!!!
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Purchase Price : 
    You don't need to send your battery
    Genuine Manufacture's Battery
    $109 - On Sale!!!
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    The battery capacity increases every few months and Clevo / MobiNote / Ultimate Traveler 3220, 3420, 3620 Laptop Battery Refill Series battery packs have 1800mAh capacity Sony Li-Ion cells. The new cells we are using to replace your batteries are 2200mAh LG Chemistry Cells. As a result of the refill service, a 5400mAh capacity Li-Ion battery pack increases to 6600 mAh capacity.

    This means longer run-time (15% higher capacity) compared to the original without causing any incompatibilities.
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